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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, for the second time in 24 hours, sob someone shot at dc police, just blocks away from the u.s. capitol. good evening. i'm bruce johnson. reports of the shooting support the capitol and visitor's center into lockdown. it's all clear for now. >> reporter: bruce, it ended at one end of the third street tunnel, a pursuit, shots fired at police, shootout, a foot chase. officers received reports of a man spotted
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capitol with a gun. a man saw a silver sedan and recognized one of the three men in the car from the police lookout description. as he was behind the car, one of the men reached out the window and fired shots at the officer. the gunman dropped the weapon out the window, and police surrounded the vehicle, weapons drawn, and arrested the man. a third man was arrested nearby. as this was going on, several buildings, including the u.s. capitol, were placed on lockdown. >> i really thought i was going to see somebody get shot. i wasn't speculating who would shoot first, but it was just what i felt was most likely to happen. >> reporter: did police return fire? >> they did not. they were in the middle of a crowded tunnel. and it wasn't an option at that point. >> reporter:
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a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun nearby the entrance to the third-street tunnel saying that was the gun that was used to fire at them and was dropped outside of the moving vehicle after they were fired at, and they found a lot of ammunition in the silver four-door sedan once they searched it. i'm mola lenghi for wusa 9. and police officers were shot at overnight. this time in southeast washington and john henry has details on who reportedly got in the shootout with cops. >> reporter: we are at martin luther king junior elementary school where you can see there were bullets fired into the windows after a shootout between police officers and a suspect and robber. and this all started around midnight last night and we're told that the suspects robber,
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22-year-old lavelle robinson was at the center of this, reportedly robbed four people. he then got into a truck that had people inside of it. police in the him at the school where the shootout began. one neighbor thursday from her backyard. >> everybody was leaving and cleaning up, and it was like p. pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: john kerry henry, wusa 9. >> and police say that the suspect was struck in the leg before he was arrested. no one else was hurt, and they add this does not appear to be a targeted attack against dc police. we're hearing from the first time from the father of one of two people who died during the 911 outage sunday and monday in montgomery county. edwardy on riba said he tried for an hour and a half to get through to 911. his 40-year-old son, marlon,
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dad he needed to go to th spital but everyone calling 911 was getting are busy signals because the system went down. by the time they got through to police, marlon had died. >> why, why did he have to die the grieving father is asking. who is responsible? montgomery county executives conduct a full investigation. and emergency managers say that the air conditioning failed allowing the service to overheat the communications center. a former prince george's county teacher's aide will head to trial next month. a judge has scheduled a 2-week federal trial for deonte caraway, accused of filming students at sylvania
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he is facing 270 count was child pornography with 23 reported victims. the judge has sentenced the mother of a virginia boy who drowned in a septic tank to 11 months in prison, convicted on three counts of felony child abuse and neglect in the death of noah thomas. he will be released in november with credit for time served. his father was also convicted. the maryland boy who fell into a cruise pool has died. the medical examiner ruled that the 8-year-old died in an accidental drowning and that a seizure disorder was a contributing factor. he and his father were on the anthem of the sea last month when it happened. the metrorail safety shutdown, and commuters dealing with the evening rush with parts of
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lines closed. this time, it's having a big impact on those who are flying. our transportation reporter has live. >> reporter: if you are going down to reagan national, you will have to come down to the street level and wait in this big line and then get on one of these three shuttles, a big inconvenience. bags, meet bus instead of metro since the latest safety shutdown on the tracks. a real pain for wanda dickerson. she walks with a cane. not too bad? >> no. it's nice out here. but if it was really hot, i would be upset. >> reporter: parts of the blue and yellow lines are closed. there's pentagon city and there's reagan national airport. metro has cut off the tracks in between for
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that means rains affecting 55,000 riders a day. >> i am not a logistics person. but -- >> i think it has gone pretty l it's taken longer, however, but i think they are organized. >> i see a lot of people going down thinking the trains will be there, and they're not. there is a lot of frustration and you just have to plan ahead. >> reporter: the shuttles are leaving every 16 minutes or so and i'm seeing no delays. i spoke with a woman who is a member of the pentagon who said to pack your patience. it will take half an extra hour. pete muntean, wusa 9. >> metro is offering free rides with the metro way buses. they surge commuters who can drive to go to the park and ride and take the green line. we know it's a lot of information. and you can find the details on the free wusa 9 app including which
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time delays. a yellow weather alert for tomorrow. commutes could be impacted. topper shutt is tracking the storms on the futurecast. topper? it looks like a two-pronged approach. we'll show you the impact. the commute, just a bit above low. the whole alert on the low side. need an umpreal, -- umbrella, and here's futurecast. 10:00thirst tonight, we could have showers and storms to the south and towards culpeper and fredericksburg. simples in the 70s downtown. in the morning, a few showers here and there, and don't get too hung up on where futurecast is showing them. temperatures, muggy, 74 downtown and 73 in bowie and
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72 in fairfax. we'll come back with more on the issued yellow alert for thursday but it has nothing to do with storms. we'll explain. in dallas, texas, president obama led an interfaith memorial service that paid tribute to the 5 police officers killed in the line of duty. five seats remained empty to honor each of the fallen dallas police officers. president obama is said to have worked on his speech for hours, hoping to send the right message in a nation in turmoil over the controversial shootings and the ambush of the dallas police officers. >> i am here to inset of in -- insist we are not as divided as we think so. i know america. >> the dallas officers were killed last week by army veteran micah johnson who opened fire during a peaceful black lives matter demonstration. 9 other officers
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civilians were wounded. today marks one month since a mass shooting at the orlando nightclub where 49 people died. today, crews moved the crosses and items to a temporary location. orlando police said that a prayer garden will be built as a permanent memorial near the hospital where many of the victims were treated. bernie sanders formally endorsed hillary clinton for president at a stop in portsmouth, new hampshire. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her today. >> i can't help but reflect how much more enjoyable this election will be now that we are on the same side. >> republican donald trump reacted to sanderacy support with a series of tweets saying that the vermont senator, qu
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crooked hillary clinton. cbs news is report offing that presumptive nominee trump will announce his rung mate on friday. this just a couple of hours after fox news and newt gingrich mutually agreed to end his relationship with the network. there are rumors he is the list for donald trump. heads up if you liveor commute in boyd, maryland. movie imagine sick on the way. you might see smoke or hear explosions. a film crew working near the freeway airports and a fake plane crash is part of their production, and we're told that caused a plume of black smoke to billow above the county today. you gotta catch them all but do you really need to catch them there? the inappropriate place where is pokemon characters popping up in washington.
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a couple running a puppy mill in maryland have been charged with 84 counts of animal cruelty. 310 dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions from the property of robert and susan murphy in april. susan murphy said that she and her husband were breeding and selling the dogs for as much as 5 00 each. the remains of several dogs were found on the property. the first black woman named miss alabama in 1993 has called the dallas police
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original comments but won't take back the facebook live video saying she is not sad that the officers lost their lives but feels guilty because of it. >> i am so torn up in their heart seeing these black men gunned down in the community that i can't help -- i can't help but -- i can't help but feel like i wasn't surprised by what the shooter did. >> she said she doesn't condone violence but feels like others feel the same way. hundreds posted their reaction on the facebook page. 1 saying, why does she need to put the statement out there at all? just ignorance. and this one, i don't agree with her but a lot of white people do when they hear about po
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we invite you join in the conversation on facebook. well, it's like black friday and cyber monday rolled into one with hot online deals after the break. topper? we're tracking a couple of showers and thunderstorms, bruce. everything is pushing off to the north and east, and we'll track it for you and we'll ta
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pokemon go phenomenon is raising a lot of eyebrows as police departments are warning players to be aware of their surroundings and do not vent -- venture into poorly lit areas. >> reporter: we are at the national law enforcement memorial where it's hard to believe that just days after the memorial for dallas police officers, this is a pokemon go stop. there are places like the holocaust museum that today took the unusual step of trying to get removed from the video game that has gone viral. we visited arlington national cemetery where there are multiple game stop locations and up massachusetts avenue at a prominent local mosque, the
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another game stop location. in fact, the court yard of that mosque is a pokemon go gym. that is a location designated for players to fight combat nots in the virtual reality game. after our reporting earlier today, arlington national cemetery tweeted out a request not to play pokemon go anywhere on its property. they said it was not proper decorum. in northwest washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. and a group of people held up pokemon players in parkville. nobody was hurt but the perfect players lost phones and cash. and amazon primetime, the retailer is not reporting major sales like last year
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of big ticket items have already sold out. they are saying that the sale is bigger than black friday. it was tweeted that shoppers bought more than 18,000 headphones in three hours and deals continue through the night. not to be out done, walmart is offering bargains with free shipping with no minimum purchase and there is a price comparison feature so you can see what you pay on amazon compared to walmart, and macy's is offering deals with a black friday in july sale. >> if my kids knew. >> i am sure you were online all day. >> i have journalism to do and protect people's right ton. but -- to know but when i had a minute -- . [laughter] we are looking at a chance of storms south and west of us, and thursday, it may be the hottest day of the year. starting with the 3-degree guarantee, 88 today and 89 is the average and we'll add
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47 for the last 49 days. a live look outside at the michael and son weather cam. temperatures, 84 and the dew point, 70. that's not good. when it's 70 you say, aha, that's uncomfortable and it is. here is the radar. everything south and west of us, there were storms west of us, and they dissipated. the focus around warrenton and culpeper, and lightning around 15 and a few gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. and down 231 to west of culpeper, a good storm that will head off to the north and east and i think it will stay together for a while. castleton on the stormtracker at 7:43. so we'll keep the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm in overnight, mug e the yellow weather alert tomorrow for morning and te
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and storms. not everyone will see one. we're talking hit-or-miss and yellow weather alert on thursday, not for storms, for heat, yeah. for heat. so 10:00 tonight, the storms you can see west of us could slide across 95 and affect fredericksburg and culpeper and the northern neck. the rest of us, a slight chance of a shower. by morning, a couple of dots here and there, and a couple of showers possible early, mid-70s downtown and low 70s in the 'burbs. there is no shortage of clouds tomorrow. 79 downtown and at 1:00, thunderstorms are possible and temperatures in the upper 80s. 87 in silver spring and ghix fairfax. the day planner, 70s to start, and 87 at 1:00. thursday, heat index, 105 and 97, still hot on
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